• Group Coaching Options

    There's nothing better than someone that "gets" you!

    Group Coaching - up to 15 participants


    Problem-solving and coaching in a safe, group setting. Three times each month, we will have topic-based coaching groups via zoom.us. In addition to a short discussion by the presenters, not only coaches, but young chronic warriors and parents just like you, there will also be plenty of time for questions and problem-solving as a group. Toward the end of each session, we will open up for questions about other things going on as well.


    Planned monthly topics:

    August: Navigating the School Year

    September: My Social Life


    Parent Group Coaching --- 8pm EST (GST-5)

    2nd Thursday of each Month


    Teen/Young Adult Group --- 4pm EST (GST-5)

    2nd Sunday of the Month

    Parent + Teen Group Coaching - up to 12 participants


    These sessions includes a brief presentation by teens, young adults, and/or parents that have life and/or professional experience in a particular area. Perhaps your teen is embarrassed about using a wheelchair or device in public or, maybe they’re finding that not everyone believes them or is supportive about their illness because it’s invisible. Whatever the topic, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from and discuss these concerns with others that “get it.” This interactive format allows us to explore a variety of strategies that have been effective for others and will help you move forward with greater confidence. Space is limited to 15 participants per session. Sessions run 60-90 minutes as needed.


    Planned monthly topics:

    August: Navigating the School Year

    September: My Social Life


    Parent + Teen Group --- 4pm EST (GST-5)

    4th Sunday of the Month

    Small Group Coaching - up to 5 participants


    This is similar to our Topic Based Coaching, but with no set topic. Participants will have the opportunity to bring their own concerns to the table and explore problem-solving strategies with our more experienced coaches, professional volunteers, and chronically ill peers. This group is limited to 5 participants per session in order to give all members the chance to address their concerns. Sessions run 60-90 minutes.


    Open forum for problem-solving


    Small Group --- 8pm EST (GST-5)

    2nd Thursday of the Month






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