• Individual Coaching

    We offer several options for Individual Coaching

    Individual Coaching for the Patient

    Help for your teen or young adult chronic warrior!

    Together, we can make fabulous progress via phone or zoom sessions. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long. We'll chat about your concerns, explore possible strategies to support your goals, and come up with a doable and realistic action plan to get you started. Our coaching utilizes problem-solving by setting achievable goals that, when accomplished successfully, will build greater self esteem, greater independence, greater understanding, and/or a beginning toward achieving larger, longer-term goals. (Individual coaching is also available for parents of a chronically ill teen/young adult.)


    Topic examples for coaching:

    *Medication Management




    *Self Care




    *Living Independently

    Individual Coaching for the Parent

    Help for the exasperated, overwhelmed parent!

    Our individual coaching sessions for the parent are available with similar topics as listed above, but we'll explore them from the parent's perspective so that you can help your child thrive.

    Individual Coaching for the Family

    family communication and problem-solving

    Similar to Individual coaching, but, in this case we will focus on a particular problem you are trying to resolve. Does you teen want to go on sleepovers but you fear they won't manage their medical needs on their own? Perhaps they want driving lessons but you're not sure they have the maturity - especially when their diagnosis might interfere with safety. Family Coaching involves working together to create specific, achievable goals, that, when successfully accomplished, result in reaching a desired outcome.





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