• Meet the Coach

    Denise Archilla, MSW

    ​Chronic Illness Coach for Teens & Young Adults


    Denise Archilla, MSW,  has worked as a pediatric clinical social worker, educator, advocate, and life coach for over 30 years. She is the founder of the Chronic Warrior Society, LLC, Co-founder of the Chronic Warrior Collective, LLC, and the Chronic Warrior Coach program. Denise specializes in working with chronically ill teens, young adults, and their families in a variety of ways and settings helping them to realize that “chronic doesn’t mean can’t!”


    Denise is a mom to two young adults with chronic illness and is a chronic warrior herself. Through the culmination of the many years of working with children and their families, she has realized the need for specific programs aimed at connecting warriors with others that get it and empowering them to dream, set goals, and thrive despite the obstacles they face - especially as they transition from dependent teens to independent (or as independent as possible) young adults. She believes that despite living with chronic illness, these young warriors absolutely CAN crush that chronic lifestyle!