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Living at 40% with Alexandria

What a Week! And It’s Only Wednesday!

Working isn’t ever easy. Able bodied or chronically ill, it’s difficult. I’m here to share my experience and how I try to make it from day to day. You can at least relate if nothing else!

This week has just been so aggravating! That’s the best word to sum it up, and at the time of writing this, it’s only Wednesday. Confusing instructions on fixing paperwork and data mixed with allodynia make for an interesting week. In case you’re unfamiliar with what allodynia is, it’s when your body perceives what are non-painful actions as painful. For example, someone may have a reaction to someone touching them lightly on the shoulder or the feeling of your shirt against your skin leaves you feeling like you’ve been beaten. There are different severities and types, and in case this sounds familiar and you’ve been unaware, here is a link for more information.

Personally, when a spell of allodynia hits, I have to use icy hot spray or roll on. It works best when I roll it on my arms and wear a light sweater on top. It not only seals in the smell, but it appears to work more effectively. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I think the fabric helps it absorb into my skin better.

I feel most would relate to having an arsenal of items on hand at all times, and that’s no different for me either. After the icy hot, it’s usually celebrex and a wrist wrap for an effective way to calm it down enough to focus on work.

I had a slow day on Monday though, and it can be even more difficult to deal with fatigue and allodynia while sitting at your desk with nothing to do. It can be helpful at times for me to have something to at least focus on for a few minutes when slow days happen.

Today is officially Friday, so I already feel better. My friend got me a lemonade and a donut from a local place. It’s been mostly relaxing so far too. This weekend, I believe I will make a set of nails to wear for the week ahead. Work is something I tend to stress over all week long, and I find doing something promoting my version of self care is essential to stay sane for the upcoming week.

I hope this has been a short enjoyable read for you. Sending everyone love!

CFS Warrior (Alexandria Brooke Martin)

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