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Trust Your kids

3 Fun Facts

Meet my pets (or favorite stuffed animal):

My golden doodle Freya, who is 6 and my favorite stuffed animal is brown dog who has been around for 20 years

The advice I would give to myself back at the beginning of this journey would be:

Give yourself permission to take a break!!

My favorite social media account to follow is:

Australia Zoos Instagram

This is my story:

I started experiencing bone pain at a pretty young age, I was 3 when I started complaining about it in my left leg, however my parents brushed it off as growing pains. As I got older the pain worsened until we finally went to hospital after hospital for an explanation on why a 6 year old wasn’t able to walk without support. I traveled to hospitals all across Canada, sometimes traveling by plane just to see a specialist because every doctor we went to seemed to lead to a new dead end. After dozens of MRIs and CT scans and blood tests we finally got results two years later, I had been diagnosed with a rare bone disease called CRMO. This condition spreads and I had trouble with school and I had dropped out of dance in order to prevent more pain. I was diagnosed 9 years ago and even now the disease is spreading to new areas and affecting my health terribly. Thankfully with support from a team of specialists and what my parents call, stubbornness, I have gotten back into sports. While my health is too unreliable for me to join a team sport I have taken up Kick boxing in order to stay in shape and get out excess energy. No matter how badly I hurt afterwards I will always go back to it because I love kick boxing so much and I don’t want my diagnoses to take that away. While my health is steadily going downhill instead of the other way around I try my hardest to stay positive and trust that my doctors will do whatever they can to help. I’ve been changing medications for years in search for ones that will lessen the pain to a more tolerable amount to no progress so far. Nonetheless I know that I am very fortunate and strive to do my best no matter what my limitations are.

Isabella Gunderson's Story

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