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Free Programs

The Chronic Warrior Card Swap and Social Club are resources designed to provide illness warriors with the social-emotional support they need to connect and thrive! These are brought to you by the Chronic Warrior Collective with the help of our nonprofit partner, Chronic Warriors, Org. 


social club

Social Club

A positive and drama-free online, social network where warriors can cheer for others and be cheered for.  Where they celebrate the little victories on this long journey, get support when they need it, plus find moments of gratitude with new best warrior friends.


Membership is free! Check it out today!

Warrior Card Swap

The Card Swap is a free event where those who live with long-term illness, rare disease, paralysis, long COVID, or disability send “snail mail” or digital messages of hope and encouragement to one another. Participants will get two unique connections each swap – one to send TO and one to receive FROM. To date, we’ve had participants from 27 countries. Love cheering on a fellow warrior?! What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

warrior card swap
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