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Coaching Packages

Chronic Warrior Coaching offers a variety of coaching packages tailored to your needs, including both group and individual (1:1) coaching options. 


For individual coaching, trust in the expertise of Denise Archilla, who excels in delivering a gold standard service characterized by a personalized and targeted approach to address your specific concerns and goals. 


In contrast, our group coaching packages offer distinct advantages by cultivating a supportive community where members, bound by similar experiences, can find solace and encouragement in their collective journey. Each group session, expertly guided by our proficient facilitators and coaches, ensures a constructive environment that nurtures personal growth. We provide diverse group coaching packages categorized by specific areas of concern and occasionally by age group.


See below for our current offerings. Check back regularly as we are always working to bring you new workshops. 

Have questions on which package is right for you? Schedule a free 30 min introductory call with Denise here.

Current Packages

Individual Coaching - 4 sessions
Individual Coaching - 4 sessions

Let's Get Started

Individual Coaching







4-session package

A comprehensive four-session program designed to ensure a robust and effective beginning to your goals.

Individual Coaching - 8 sessions


Individual Coaching







8-session package

An extensive eight-session program crafted to build a resilient foundation, address core issues, and formulate a strategic action plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chronic illness coaching?

Chronic illness coaching is a non-clinical approach to navigating life with chronic illness through problem-solving, brainstorming solutions, redirecting, and support. It is not meant to be a replacement for mental health counseling or therapy and is not considered medical care in any way. 

Who can apply for coaching?

Our coaching programs are for chronically ill teens, young adults, parents, siblings, or other close family or friends wanting to work on problem-solving around the effects of chronic illness.

Do you take insurance?

No, unfortunately, insurance plans do not cover coaching at this time. If you are covered under and HSA/FSA, coaching may be covered, however, sometimes a doctor's note may be required. Thanks to support from, we are able to offer our sessions at a low rate as well as give partial/full scholarships on occasion. 

I have a therapist that I see regularly. Should I still consider doing coaching?

Coaching can be an excellent supplement to clinical counseling. Coaches are also happy to speak with your therapist and work as part of your team.

How many sessions will I need? How often can I work with a coach?

The number of sessions needed will depend on the issues being addressed. However, to be most effective, we typically recommend a minimum of 4 to as many as 12  sessions for Individual/Parent and Family Coaching. We've worked with students on an ongoing basis as a long-term support option throughout their college career. As long as you find it beneficial, you may work with a coach as often as you’d like.

Do you work with specific illness groups?

At this time, our group coaching sessions are geared toward College Students and Teens/Young Adults that are employed (whether full time, part time, on site, or from home) around all types of chronic illness and rare disease. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like like to see additional options. We’re happy to explore your ideas! 

How do we “meet”?

All meetings are done via (or other live platform) or phone call.

How do I download zoom and can I do it from my mobile device?

You can go to on your laptop or computer and download the app. You may also use their app on your phone/mobile device. One of the reasons we use Zoom is because it’s super easy and user friendly.

Do you coach non-verbal clients / teens with a trach?

Yes! We’ve coached a number of warriors that need to utilize the chat bar in Zoom. Please reach out to us to discuss special accommodations prior to booking a session.

Would a coaching package make a good gift for my teen or young adult?

It’s a GREAT gift IF your teen/young adult/student agrees to work with us. We wouldn’t want you to waste your money.

Once the package is purchased, it is up to them to book their sessions.

Will you tell my parent/s what I say in session?

We will keep the information discussed in our sessions confidential unless we have consent to discuss it.

Teens/Young Adults/Students will be more open knowing discussions are confidential. However, they are welcome to include parents at any time. If, as a parent, you would like to discuss your concerns, we welcome you to schedule your own confidential parent session. We do encourage open communication between student and parent and are happy to work on this with you.

Please note:  We are mandated to report any concerns for self-harm or harm to others as is appropriate and required by law.

Do I need to bring anything for coaching sessions?

It’s always a great idea to have pen and paper for note taking. Your coach will also take notes and may email you with follow up information.

Can I meet my coach before I book an appointment?

Yes, you can schedule a 30 min introductory call here.

What if I don't use all of my package sessions?

It is up to you/your child to book/attend all sessions within each package in the time frame delineated for both Individual and Group packages. If you have made every effort to book sessions in advance and are unable to do so due to the coach's schedule, we will make every effort to work with you on a case by case basis. We DO recommend booking sessions as soon as possible (at the end of each session for the next, is a good way to do it). 

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