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New Peer Support Groups

In addition to being the lead facilitator of our peer support groups at Chronic Warrior Coaching, Denise has also joined hands with Forum, an online peer support platform. As part of our mission to reach out to and help as many warriors as possible, Denise loves to collaborate with organizations and individuals with aligned values. Forum believes in empowering individuals through the strength of peer support. Under their vision to create a world where peer support is accessible and affordable for everyone, Denise is leading the following groups:

  • Chronic Illness & Career Progress: Navigating the Workplace and Beyond

  • Navigating Parenthood: Raising Kids with Long-term Illness/Disability

  • Unified Voices: LGBTQ+ Health & Identity Support Circle

  • Non-Profit Social Workers Support Group

  • School Social Workers' Support Hub

For more details, click here.

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