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Empowering Lives: Meet Your Coach and Founder of Chronic Warrior Coaching

   I often get asked about my journey to becoming a joy coach. It's truly been a labor of love, weaving through a winding path over the years. 

Back in 1985, I proudly graduated with a B.S. in Health Ed and Biology from Auburn University, and let me take a moment to share a fun tidbit - my claim to fame includes dancing with Bo Jackson and sharing a class with Charles Barkley!


   Post-graduation, I initially delved into teaching but quickly realized it wasn't my true calling at the time. Shifting gears, I volunteered with the Children’s Hospital of Alabama, instantly captivated by the nurturing environment. It was during this period that I serendipitously discovered the field of Medical Social Work. Determined to deepen my knowledge, I pursued a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) at the University of Alabama—the exclusive institution in the state offering such a program.


   Despite the considerable challenges, I dedicated weekends to working at a local trauma center while fully immersing myself in classes. The culmination of these efforts materialized in a prestigious social work internship with the Pulmonary Department at UAB pediatrics, a rare opportunity as only nine similar positions existed nationwide. This unique journey has significantly shaped my path to becoming a joy coach, infusing it with diverse experiences and a genuine passion for making a positive impact.

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Denise Archilla, MSW

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