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Chronically Jessica

3 Fun Facts

When I need a laugh, I:

Play with my pets

My hero is:


The most wonderfully unexpected thing that has happened to me as a result of this journey is:

Finding this community

This is my story:

My symptoms started really showing up in the last two years of high school. But my doctor at the time just though it was all in my head. So it wasn’t until after I had finished high school and moved out that I really was able to start looking for real answers.

I went through 5 doctors before I found one that would actually listen to me and help me. He’s fabulous. It started with my diagnosis of EDS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This one diagnosis answered so many questions. I finally had a reason for most of my pain and problems. Then from there the specialists (for the most part) started listening to me. In the following years I was able to get my other main diagnoses being Fibro and Hypoglycemia.

Having an actual team on your side is very nice and makes you feel validated. Having people who will listen to you and help you find the answers you want, and not just say it’s in your head.

I’m still looking for more answer to some other problems I have but I know we will get there. I’m just thankful to be heard.

I found this community about a year ago (Around spring 2019 I believe, I might be wrong) and it has been a life changer for me. Having a community that not only cares about you but also understands what you are going through is amazing. I couldn’t be more grateful for this group of amazing people.

My life is far from perfect and my journey is not over for answers but it is going in the right direction, which I am eternally grateful for.

Jessica Bennett's Story

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