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A Transplant Journey-What I Didn’t Know and How Much of a Blessing I was Truly Given

Photo of a rectangular clear necklace with the words, "The only way out is through." on it and laying on a book excerpt with a sticker with a bunch of flowers in purple and white

I would spend 8 painful hours in post op before they had my room cleaned

The weight of the leg exercisers when off would make it hard to move my legs and I would have to be like that for 12 hours

That my dad would leave me after visiting after ten minutes. And I would be alone except for that first hour my mom was there

That my leg would spasm so badly, jumping with the weights pulling at the new incision

I would have a catheter and have to walk with it

I would have bed accidents

I would not be able to sleep

That I wouldn’t get anything denser than pudding to eat for 48 hours

That my back would hurt so much for the way I would have to lay/sleep/sit That I would struggle with my own mortality

That my kidney is set so much lower than my others

That we wouldn’t have to cut my gut sack

How much, despite pain, sickness and struggle, I wanted this kidney,

How I want to do everything to protect this gift.

How much different I would feel healthwise coming out of this

That an overwhelming sense of gratitude to God and humans would overcome me

How damn thankful I am to my donor and my donor’s family

How much of a blessing I was truly given

Audrey Elaine Adamson

IG: @spoonsonthewall



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