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A Transplant Journey-Paperwork, An Endless Cycle

Last month, I updated everyone that I was denied the kidney transplant list. Not because of health tests but because they didn’t like my care plan. I was told I would get call from the Social Worker. For a month nothing. I had things distracting me while I waited but come April there was no excuse for not calling me. I left her a message letting her know I was waiting on her. When she called back, she had the nerve to say there was a miscommunication; she wasn’t supposed to talk to me. But she needed to because they wanted paperwork and how was I to get the paperwork and what is required without talking to me?? I had to fill out a new care plan form with names and phone numbers. It was easier to do this time, not because I had more carers, but because I understood what was wanted and what was needed. It shocks me that they had me fill one out at the first evaluation knowing nothing. I also had to get my carers to sign a form saying they understood what was needed of them. I was shocked that they needed a written pledge. The social worker even said I could write up something on another paper to explain any issues they had. I did that as simply as possible, and it didn’t even take up one page. They had issues that my mom was taking care of my grandmother and my dad. My dad has made massive achievements since his stroke; if you didn’t know he had a stroke, you wouldn’t realize it. I noted his achievement in my write up like how he drives now and can stay by himself. My grandmother was the biggest roadblock. The family member we first asked has had life changes, and we had to rely back onto my uncle. He assured me he would make sure she was taken care of one way or the other. The last issue was that my boyfriend lives in Canada and was nervous about driving in Birmingham. I asked him about the last part, and he said he never told them that. I wrote on the sheet the same thing as before: he would have access to a car and PGS plus I planned to stay at the hospital that works with the transplant hospital that is two blocks away and had a shuttle to the hospital. I also included that he would be called when I am actually having surgery (I can be in the OR and surgery can be called off) and his business allowed him to do whatever he needed with the schedule. I also have another friend who doesn’t live in the area, but she has before and is well versed in Birmingham. And then there is my mom who will do what she needs. I even have a close friend who cans stay a day or two in case of emergency. I have sent off the paperwork and now I wait. The committee meets every two weeks. So, the paperwork must get there, be circulated and then discussed at a meeting before they allow me on the list. I hope that I have an answer the next time I write and that I can say that, after a year, I am finally on the list.

Audrey Elaine Adamson

Instagram: @spoononthewall


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