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Sometimes, becoming brave is the only option. Many people are scared, and I don’t blame them. Especially when you have to go through something difficult. In 2019, I had to get a spinal fusion surgery. This had been so difficult for me. I struggled to walk everyday, without having a lot of pain. I used to ask myself, “Why me? Why did this happen to me?” The truth? I don’t know. I just know one thing for sure. There is no way I would be as strong as I am now if it wasn’t for my surgery. I met so many new people and gained so many friends. We expressed our doubts, strengths, and experiences. We made connections. I am so blessed for my surgery, regardless of how much I struggle. The struggle, well, it makes me realize how strong I am and how strong I can be. No one is perfect. But, we all have something unique about us. A strength. Mine? My internal fight…with a thing called ‘Scoliosis’. My recommendation to others? It’s to “Find your Brave.” Whatever that may be, you find it. Because once you do, you’ll be blessed beyond measure!

Yours truly, Teagan :)

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