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How to get through a flare-up!

These past few weeks, I have been going through a flare up of my conditions, and so I wanted the focus of this post to be 5 things that you can do when you are in a flare up. 

♡ Reminding yourself that this flare up will not last forever, even when it seems like it might. 

♡ Remembering the basic self care things. I like to remember Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. If you don't have the basic needs fulfilled of eating, sleeping, and taking your meds, then it will be so much harder to get through a flare up. 

♡ Rely on your support system - No matter if it is a partner, close friend, or family member, it can be so helpful to have the support of people who love and care about you.

Find things to do that you enjoy - whether that is watching a movie, doing artwork, reading, spending time outside, or listening to music. All of these might help you through a flare up. 

Be gentle on yourself. Take the time your body and mind need to recover. 

Some of these tips I got from @dear_chronic_pain on Instagram. If you are on Instagram and would like to follow them, they have some very uplifting posts!

Sending good vibes!

~ Anna & Piper

Dear_Chronic_Pain Instagram:

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