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Life at 40% with Alexandria: Something New

This past week was bittersweet for me. I worked my last day at my job on Friday, and this upcoming Tuesday, I begin my new job. I have managed to overdo it already though, and I am grateful I have Monday off to rest. I’ve been pretty sore the past couple of days. Unfortunately, overdoing it with CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, and Scoliosis means feeling like I have the flu, lower back hurting and flaring, allodynia, and generalized nerve pain.

Something I’m trying to work into my new routine is checking my blood pressure. It was pointed out to me that every time I visit the doctor, my blood pressure is elevated the first time they check it. The second time it’s usually alright or lowered some at least. I’m not quite sure what it all means considering so far, at home, it hasn’t been too high. It’s been a little high, and the app I am logging it into shows to be cautious of stage 1 prehypertension.

One random thing I’ve been having issues with is my feet. They’ve been hurting more lately, and for the past few weeks, there are always bruises on my toes or joints. With chronic illness, it’s always something, and then when new things start, it just makes it worse.

I’ll be shifting into a new job with new experiences, and hopefully, new ways to cope with my chronic illness and working full time. Let me know how life is going with you and how you’re handling working on 40%!

CFS Warrior (Alexandria Brooke Martin)

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