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Life at 40% with Alexandria: Doing well?!

For the past couple weeks, I have still been getting used to my new job. It’s slowly becoming a routine for me now. I personally cannot believe that overall, I have only had two days where I felt pretty badly since beginning this job. I had no idea just how much the previous job I had was weighing on my chronic illnesses. At the time, of course I knew that, but I figured it would be that way with ANY job I had. This job is mainly sitting at my desk entering information and walking/standing when speaking to a patient or resident. You can argue my previous job was mostly supposed to be that, but between assisting with classrooms, setting up the COVID screening daily, and all the weird in-between duties I had to do, it was more than that for sure.

This job entails working some weekends (only once a month or so) due to COVID and assisting with visitation. Those who are unvaccinated and have family visiting them require to be in the visiting room with masks on and socially distanced. Not many patients and residents are unvaccinated at this point, but enough are to where they require someone to assist in supervising the visitations. I work tomorrow from 1-4 and will just supervise. We’ll see…

how that goes! I’m hoping it won’t be too rough on my body or anything considering it’s been handling this job overall better than the last. For all I know, I’m just getting used to this new pain level I have Chronic illness life though.

I’ve also been a little stressed due to having a waiting period for all my insurances to kick in, and being chronically ill makes that even more stressful.

How are you doing? Have you been making it by on your 40%? Let me know!

CFS Warrior (Alexandria Brooke Martin)

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