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Trans Youth and Teen Living With Chronic Illness

As a trans youth and teen living with chronic illness, Alexander has experienced his share of adversity and challenges. Yet his optimism, joy, and incredible smile are totally contagious! Alex is a member of the Chronic Warrior Society and a Chronic Warrior Collective, LLC. Ambassador.

With his permission, I’d like to share these beautiful “Words of Wisdom” from this letter he wrote to himself in celebration of his 5 year trans anniversary:

“Dear Younger Trans Self,

To the young trans boy who used to cry himself to sleep desperately wishing he could change, constantly wondering if anyone would ever love and accept him-

-I can promise you, in the future you will receive more love and acceptance than your little heart could’ve ever imagined was possible. You are going to feel happiness in ways you never even knew you could.

Your bravery and strength are so immense for your age. You became the person you desperately needed when you were younger, and for that you should be forever proud of yourself.

Keep your head up kiddo, things are going to get so much better!


Your Older Trans Self”

If you know of a teen or young adult living with long-term illness, rare disease, and/or disability, that could use connection with others that "get it," please share and follow the link for more on our programs! 💜

Denise Archilla

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