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Living at 40% with Alexandria: It’s a Cane Week

Another work week is almost over, and I’m grateful it’s Thursday. This past week has been.. One of those weeks. I had a harder time at work and eventually had to use my cane at one point.

I work at an early childhood development center of sorts, so we have paperwork we need to receive from the parents. We also had a recruitment fair to encourage more students. This created a situation of going outside and inside to explain as well as receive paperwork. Considering we’ve been virtual due to the pandemic, as well as being chronically ill, I am definitely not used to walking this much or being outside for extended periods of time.

This led to my back spasming, sore and achy legs, pulsating feet, and overall widespread pain. Of course, I’m exhausted on top of the pain. I have been doing too much this past week. It’s hard not to when I have more to do than usual at work, and once I’m home, I have been doing slightly more this week with my husband injuring his hand at work. I obviously don’t mind it, and I want to help where able. The timing of things like this is just never great. My brain fog seemed worse this week too, and I’m not quite sure why. It was difficult for me to read or focus on anything for too long at a time. Personally, it feels like my brain is in a cloud, and it all feels fuzzy. Yesterday, towards the end of the day, is when I needed my cane for a bit. Personally, I use my cane for balance, stability, and when either my back or knees are in pain. Using the cane as needed can help me make it through without hobbling around or sitting in pain unable to walk effectively. I hope this finds you well, and let me know if you’ve had any trouble this past week in the comments.

How did you make it on 40%? I’d love to know. 😀 CFS Warrior (Alexandria Brooke Martin)

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