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Living at 40% with Alexandria: MENTALLY EXHAUSTED!

This week was a week more emotionally and mentally exhausting than physically. It was the type of week that left me feeling down, but I’m hoping this upcoming week will be better.

I was only in a classroom for a couple days last week, so physically, it wasn’t terrible. I think we are all aware though that emotional and mental stress can wreak havoc on your body just as bad as physical stress. Especially when you have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome like I do.

Between normal work stress, paperwork stress, and other events piling, it created a rough environment. Skin hurting from allodynia, upset stomach, and heavy fatigue all have been hanging around this week.

I just cleaned some parts of my home today. It had been a while since I had cleaned last, and that’s something that can also lead to a depressing thought cycle. I’m hurting from doing that, but I am resting now. Just know that your worth isn’t found in your productivity according to able bodied standards. You taking care of yourself is a full time job and is just as productive.

Would love for you to leave a comment if you can relate!

CFS Warrior (Alexandria Brooke Martin)

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