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love is love is love is love...

Black background with 6 hearts in the pride flag colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple above the white text: All for love and love for all

It’s been 8 years… like so many here in Central Florida, I remember it like it was yesterday. How close my daughter came to being at Pulse. How many texts and calls I made to loved ones to make sure they and their loved ones were safe. The fear and then relief in her voice when my daughter’s best friend called me because she couldn’t reach her - fearing the worst. The immense gratitude and relief alongside deep pain and sadness I felt knowing my child was home safely and sleeping in her bed while knowing there were so many mothers that would never be able to say the same. The deep gratitude and concern I felt as friends and colleagues cared for those involved. I/we will never forget. The tragic, senseless loss of so many beautiful souls just celebrating life at the hands of hate. The way the community and the world came together in heartbreak and love. 

Please take a moment to remember… love is live is love is love....

With gratitude,

Denise 💜

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