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Peer Support Group for School Social Workers

When I decided to get my Master of Social Work degree (way back when), I only knew it as a means to work in the pediatric medical arena. I had found my calling and this was simply the next step. I had NO IDEA how powerful the journey would be, the incredible footsteps I'd be following, and the numerous ways social workers affect change in the world - one person, one family, one policy - at at time. Social workers are among the most dedicated and passionate professionals I've ever known! 😎💪🏻

It is my honor to announce my latest peer support group for School Social Workers across the U.S.!!

 "School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic, and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators as well as provide individual and group counseling/therapy. 

School social workers are instrumental in furthering the mission of the schools which is to provide a setting for teaching, learning, and for the attainment of competence and confidence. School social workers are hired by school districts to enhance the district's ability to meet its academic mission, especially where home, school and community collaboration is the key to achieving student success." ~ School Social Work Association of America

Many School Social Workers don't have a large team, may work multiple schools, or work in rural areas where they lack the benefit of peer support. Please help me share about this group created especially for them. 🥰

Find out more here!

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