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The KORE Women Podcast!

Light blue background with beautiful graphic of female face surrounded by tree branches in orange, blue, and green colors with the words Listen Today next to it. Text: The Kore Women Podcast: Inspiring Stories By Women From Around The Globe. Host: Dr. Summer Watson, MHS, PhD, New Episode: June 25, 2024, Ep: 312. Featured Guest: Denise Archilla along with more info on Denise plus photos of Dr. Watson and Ms. Archilla.

What a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to be a guest on the Kore Women Podcast with Summer D. Watson, MHS, PhD and get to share about the work I am so fortunate to do within the chronic illness/disability communities. It brings me so much joy to see people come together over shared experiences and find the support, acceptance, and unity that is often missing without peers who truly "get" this journey. 

Hope you'll give it a listen and share with anyone in your circle that might benefit from peer support! 💜💜

From Dr. Watson's LinkedIn post: This week on the KORE Women podcast, Dr. Summer D. Watson, MHS, PhD welcomes Denise Archilla, MSW, who has her Master’s in Social Work, is a certified life coach, a former Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LSWC), a Montessori certified teacher with over two decades of experience providing support and management tools to warriors, and a mom of two young adults that identify as warriors. 

Denise is a huge proponent of peer support and truly enjoys facilitating small peer support groups that bring people together with similar experiences. There is great magic and power in being with others that truly “get it.” Her current groups include: 

* College Student Support

* Chronic Illness and Career Progress for Professional Women

* LGBTQ+ Health and Identity Support

* Parents of Children Living with Long-term Illness/Disability

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the KORE Women podcast and being a part of the KORE Women experience. You can listen to The KORE Women podcast on your favorite podcast directory - Pandora, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, YouTube, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean, JioSaavn, Amazon.

With gratitude,

Denise 💗🧡


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