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Why Peer Support?

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According to Mental Health America, "Peer support has existed in behavioral health for decades. Its rapid growth in recent years is for good reason. Research and experience show that peer support specialists have a transformative effect on both individuals and systems.

Why Peer Support?

Peer support has been shown to:

  • Improve quality of life,

  • Improve engagement and satisfaction with services and supports,

  • Improve whole health, including chronic conditions like diabetes,

  • Decrease hospitalizations and inpatient days, and

  • Reduce the overall cost of services

Peer support empowers people to make the best decisions for them and to strive towards their goals in their communities. "

I'm thrilled to be able to offer several peer groups for those living with long-term illness/disability in partnership with Forum!

  • Unified Voices: LGBTQ+ Health & Identity Support Circle: Join LGBTQ+ young adults in exploring health and identity in a safe and supportive community.

  • Navigating Parenthood: Raising Kids with Long-term Illness/Disability: Find strength and moments of joy in this safe space with support from families like yours that "get it."

  • Chronic Illness & Career Progress: Navigating the Workplace and Beyond: Empowering women with chronic illness for career growth, change, and/or transition.

I must say, I'm so happy to have found a company to partner with that whose mission aligns so well with my own..."to help people overcome life's greatest challenges through the power of peer support. Our vision is a world where peer support is accessible and affordable for everyone." (Forum website)

Additionally, their commitment to DEI is outstanding. "Guided by empathy, compassion, and mutual respect, we’re fostering inclusive spaces where we all can connect, heal, and thrive together."

According to @Johnson & Johnson, "60% of Americans live with at least one long-term health condition—and many of them face daily pain."

Peer support groups have become one of the best ways I've seen to support positive mental health and wellness of the many living with chronic illness, rare disease, or disability today.

Check out the link above to my Forum page or message me for more info! (And, if you have a peer group idea you'd like to see, send me an email at:

With gratitude,

Denise 💜💜


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