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Words of Wisdom

A few “Words of Wisdom” from Octavius, age 19, a Retinitis Pigmentosa Warrior and a member of the Chronic Warrior Society in response to a fellow young warrior asking if anyone could relate about feeling frustrated seeing others achieve the things she was “supposed to” have achieved:

“I look at it like this. We all have our own path and we have it for a reason, as it affords the ability for us to gain existence and overcome obstacles. In life, with a chronic illness, our obstacles are larger, our walls are taller, but we will be much stronger on the other side.”

*The Chronic Warrior Society is a free, virtual program for teens & young adults (ages 16-24) living with chronic illness, rare disease, and/or disability and part of the Chronic Warrior Collective, llc..


Denise Archilla

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