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Cool New Finds (part two)! PillMap!

Graphic on light blue background with the heading: PillMap is your trusted visual guide to replenish your weekly container.  Picture of a bag with medication bottles on the left, a white arrow toward the PillMap itself with 10 actual pills and written in dosages, a white arrow to the right coming from the PillMap pointing to a weekly medication container.

A couple of days ago, I posted about a wonderful book I'd come across, Crip Up The Kitchen: Tools, Tips, and Recipes for the Disabled Cook, and I promised to tell you about another really cool new find too!

This one is the PillMap. It got my attention, first as a part-time caregiver for my mom, and then I realized how helpful it could be for patients and caregivers alike living with chronic illness, rare disease, and/or disability that rely on multiple medications to treat and support their ongoing disease/needs.

Here's just one of the 5 star reviews for PillMap: “As a home health nurse who frequently provides teaching to patients and families about medications, I can say that PillMap will make the teaching much easier and more effective. I will definitely recommend PillMap to my clients.” ~ Nan Booranasomphop, LVN

I had the pleasure of meeting with Kimber Westmore, the inventor of PillMap, last week via zoom. As a widow, Kimber became the primary caregiver or "quarterback", as she puts it, of patient care for her mom, dad, and mother-in-law within a 3 month span.

One of the first things she realized was the difficulty in keeping track of current medications. I'm sure many of you can relate! She found that during each hospital or medical visit, the computer records included ALL of the meds ever listed - not just the current ones or current doses. She wanted a practical, hands-on, visual guide to help her keep track.

What started on paper with tape turned into this amazing and comprehensive guide for current meds, dosages, and additional information. It's also reusable!! PillMap is a great complement for a pill organizer and also something to take in hand to ER visits or, as recently happened, to give to EMTs during an emergency event.

I also LOVE that these are very affordable. I have two on the way for myself and my mom and can't wait to start using them!

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